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Margaret Lloyd George laid the foundation stone of Ealing Green Welsh Presbyterian chapel in 1908. The chapel was opened on the first Sunday of 1909. From 1903 until that time the congregation had been meeting first at the YMCA on Uxbridge Road and then in rented space in Swift's Assembly Rooms. 


Reverend David Jeffrey Davies was the chapel's first minister; he was inducted on 23 April, 1929. At its peak in 1933, the chapel's membership grew to 241 members.  


Reverend J Herbert Roberts succeeded Revd Davies after the second world war. A hall was added to the chapel buildings in 1952 for concerts, meetings and nurseries.


Reverend W T Phillips, Llansteffan, became minister in the late 50s, a period during which he was minister of both Hammersmith Welsh chapel and Ealing Green. Reverend Gwilym Rees became minister following the death of Revd Phillips in 1963, and then Reverend Denzil Harries.


In June 1972, the Welsh chapel in Hammersmith closed and united with Ealing Green. Memorial plates for members of Willesden Green and Hammersmith chapels who lost thier lives in the Great War are now on the back wall of Seion.There is also a memorial plaque for Ealing Green members who were killed in the Blitz.


In 1994 Reverend Byron Evans became minister and held an inter-denominational pastorate of Ealing Green and the Welsh Baptist church on Castle Street, near Oxford Circus.  Sadly, Revd Evans' ministry did not run for more than three years due to ill health. The Reverend Anthony Williams became minister in 1998.


Revd Williams held the ministry until 2009, and this period included a joint  pastorate with the Reverend Dafydd H Owen from 2000 - 2003.


Our current minister, Reverend Richard Brunt, was inducted in 2010. Revd Brunt's ministry is a joint pastorate of  Clapham, Jewin, Eglwys y Drindod Cockfosters and Ealing Green.


Thanks to Huw Edwards for his summary of the history of Capel Seion in his book "City Mission".

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